Happy wife happy life? Happy employees happy profit!

protecting-employees2It’s no secret that employees that are happy are more productive, which ultimately leads to your bottom line becoming happier.

Having motivated employees can make or break your company so I’ll be going into detail on ways to ensure your employees are continuously motivated.

Here are 5 proven incentives to keep employees motivated:

  1. Positive reinforcement

Public recognition for a job well done can go a long way. Positive reinforcement helps motivate employees to do their best whereas punishment tends to demotivate employees and negatively impact their drive to work properly.

Recognition programs such as employee of the week will not only help drive each employee to work hard but also let the hard workers know that their work is not going unnoticed and that they are appreciated.

  1. Perks

Perks don’t only have to be financial benefits. Simple concepts like casual days at the office, team-building outings, a simple free snack here and there or a half day on the employee’s birthday can make all the difference.

Company branded goodies such as jackets, bags or pens can improve employees pride in their company immensely and positively impact employees’ loyalty.

  1. Workplace amenities

Having amenities not only helps motivate the employee to come to work but also keeps them happy while they are there.

An in-house coffee stop or bar area is great not only for client entertainment but for keeping employees nourished throughout their working day as well. (Minus the drinking while on duty part of course). A smaller alternative is vending machines which are easy to obtain and offer convenience to employees who want to grab a quick bite or something to drink during the day.

Having an “escape” for employees such as a lounging area can hugely impact their work ethic, especially if there’s a unique twist such as a pool table or something similar. Knowing they can have a rest when necessary will help them get through their day and make them more excited to return the next day.

  1. Education

Educational incentives such as assisting with study costs, paying for a course, or offering training not only ensures a more skilled work force but in addition improves company loyalty. Employees feel more confident in their abilities and thus their work ethic vastly improves.

  1. Bonuses

An obvious source of motivation are financial incentives which assist employees in giving their all and of course reward those who perform well and encourage them to continue. This can range from commission on sales, rewards for reaching targets or just a sincere gift to ensure hard workers know they are appreciated.

For those who believe incentives such as the above mentioned are just unnecessary spending, I’m sorry to break it to you but you are wrong. Ignoring the well-being of employees will essentially lead to poor performance, dissatisfaction, and poor customer service which at the end of the day affects you and your company’s bottom line directly.

The following flow charts explain how happy employees equal an improved profit:


Additional info can be found at Forbes.com



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